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Freedom Reborn!

"Freedom Reborn" is lots of GREAT SONGS that are all-American, endearing, inspiring and celebratory … firing on all cylinders! 

"Freedom Reborn" is chock-full of AMERITUDE!

 Check out the song list of our album, Freedom Reborn ...

  • Freedom Needs a Hero (A fun, happy tune you won't stop singing)

  • National Anthem Part 2 (Electrifying Dance Music “EDM” remix of the National Anthem)

  • Loud and Proud (A little bit "country" and a little bit "rock"; this song will rock our great country!)

  • American Mommies (Jazz-Pop tribute to American moms is a feel-good tear-jerker - just the way moms like it:)

  • Grand Old Flag (Our Hip-Hop remix makes Old Glory new again)

  • America the Beautiful (A soulful remix that will touch all Americans at their essence)

  • Umbrella of Liberty (A techno, celebratory song, reaching every segment of America)

  • Dream Big Work Hard (We haven't forgot you, dad! Here's our endearing Daddy-Daughter "anthem")

  • Semper Fichoro (Where would we be without our United Sates Marines? Here' s our Dubstep salute) 

  • Freedom Reborn instrumental (inspiring, celebrating and uplifting ... a timeless melody)

  • Umbrella of Liberty (An American-unity incantation remix) 

  • America's FULL Anthem (Our National Anthem like you've NEVER heard it before)

  • Grand Old Flag (Our traditional take on the golden oldie)

  • Halls of Montezuma (Very sorry, but this could make our Marines cry)

  • America the Beautiful (100% America, 100% Beautiful)